Foster & Adoptive Ministry

Foster & Adoptive Ministry (FAM)

Creating opportunities for individuals within our church family to support foster and adoptive families within our community. 

Visit for more details on how to get involved and upcoming events. 

Foster and/or Adoptive Families
If you're currently a foster and/or adoptive family, we'd love to walk alongside you and support your family! Care Community Teams are a group of people committed to serving your family however they can -- bringing a meal, taking care of lawn maintenance, providing child care, assisting with homework, etc. You'll get to know the whole team, but the Community Care leader will be your point of contact for details. If you'd like to learn more or get connected to a Care Community, fill out this quick form. 

Care Community Team
Our foster and adoptive families are so grateful for those who have signed up to provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support as they care for children in need. Care Community team members can serve in a variety of ways, such as providing child care, dropping of a monthly meal, yard work, tutoring, minor home repairs, etc. We even need people who would like to shop on short notice for families who've been notified that a child is on their way and need items quickly. To learn more, or if you're interested in joining a care team, fill out this quick form

Are you interested in becoming a foster or adoptive family?
There are more than 13,000 kids in Indiana’s Foster Care System who need a safe, loving, temporary home. Research shows that the healthiest environment for a child removed from their home is with another family. Fostercare allows for a few things to take place: a child is safely moved to a home that will provide love, comfort, and safety. It also allows space for the child's birth family to overcome obtacles that required the removal in the first place. Fostering a child that has experienced trauma is far from easy, but we believe as a church that protecting and loving our next generation is a gift and privilege given by God. Let us know if you're interested in learning more