Life Group Minister

Philosophy of Ministry: Striving for excellence, one should be willing to “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ,” equip others for ministry, and set an example of servanthood. With an authentic concern for the greater good of the body of Christ, one will seek to be a gentle shepherd moving among the people in deliberate ways. While being strengthened by the Word, empowered by prayer and led by the Holy Spirit, one will understand the times and know what direction needs to be taken in the development of relevant ministry. In desiring to be effective as possible, one will model both compassion and commitment to those individuals impacted by one’s service. We will follow Philippians 2:1-8 as a model of Christ-honoring servant leadership.
Accountable to: Minister of Formation and Outreach
Vision Statement: Help people be molded into the image of Jesus for the sake of others.
Top Priorities:
  1. Health and growth of life groups
  2. Develop and maintain discipleship pathways
  3. Development of discipling leaders  
  • Help develop and maintain discipleship pathways for adults
  • Collaborate with Formation and Outreach Team members to develop onboarding pathways to life groups  
  • Ensure the development and health of Adult Life Groups through collaboration with the Life Group Director  
  • Ensure the recruitment, training and equipping, discipling, and empowering of leaders for adult life groups  
  • Collaborate with Formation and Outreach Team to create curriculum for life groups and events 
  • Provide pastoral care for congregation  
  • Attend weekly staff huddle and monthly staff gatherings
  • Participate in staff discipleship groups
  • Uphold staff operational values – Prayer, Purity, Humility, Honor, Creativity, Excellence, Family, and Fun
  • Available for all Christmas and Easter services
  • Encouraged to participate in Rooted and a Life Group
  • Pastoral and other duties as assigned