Rooted On-Campus at Franklin Road - Sundays Spring 2021


  1. IMPORTANT: Rooted is offered multiple days this session to meet scheduling needs of participants. Sunday morning spaces are more limited and are primarily intended for people unable to attend during the week due to work or required obligations. If you’re able to participate on Tuesday evenings, we ask that you do. Due to COVID-19, we are offering a virtual online-only option for people not able to gather on a campus location yet. Please ensure you’re registering for the correct session! This registration is for SUNDAY MORNINGS, ON-CAMPUS, FRANKLIN ROAD.
  2. Rooted is a 10 week experience. If you know you are going to miss more than 2 weeks, we strongly encourage you attend the next Rooted session. Please read the FAQs and check the schedule here.
  3. Rooted is $25 per person which covers the Participant Workbook and Provided Materials. The cost is lower this session as we will not provide a Celebration buffet dinner due to COVID-19 concerns. Your group will plan a meal together. If you are attending with your spouse, register 2 people.
  4. Rooted Kids costs $25 per child (not to exceed $75 for a family).
    Rooted Kids is for the duration of Rooted. Kids must be registered to attend. Rooted Kids on Sunday will participate in weekly Kidustrial Park programming during weekly Rooted meetings and participate in the Celebration at the end of Rooted.
  5. Scholarships
    We want everyone to be able to attend Rooted. Therefore, we are offering limited scholarships for both the cost to participate in Rooted and Rooted Kids fees.
    Please click here to apply for a Rooted Scholarship for you and your family (value $40 per person, value $25 per child not to exceed $75)

How many adults will you be registering?