Kingdom Leadership

What is Kingdom Leadership?

No matter what we do vocationally, God calls us to bring him glory and connect others to Jesus. Kingdom Leadership is a community of local leaders, experts in their own respective fields, collaborating, learning, and growing together to excel in their work and to make the name of Jesus known in Indianapolis and beyond.


To empower Christians to represent Jesus and further God’s kingdom through their vocational calling.


To seek the glory of God and the renewal of our city by the way we work.


  • Professional excellence: excel in the workplace

  • Inspirational leadership: expand influence

  • Christlike character: live and lead like Jesus

  • Holistic health: make integrated, wise decisions

  • Kingdom impact: shift focus to eternity

Interested in Joining?

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How do I get involved?

Groups will gather approximately 10 times a year to focus on priorities such as community formation, peer mentorship, prayer, and accountability. Two of these gatherings will be in large groups and incorporate all participants while the remaining meetings will be done in small groups.

Groups will be led by two experienced leaders who have lived out the vision, mission, and priorities of this ministry and are also passionate about helping others do so.

Ready to be a part of this?

Participants will be able to choose their group based upon:

  • Professional domain - Do you want an industry-specific group? Are you seeking wisdom from a variety of vocations?
  • Timing - When am I available to meet with my group?
  • Leader profile - What kind of leader do I want to learn from?