Promotion Weekend - June 4

Promotion Weekend - June 4

School is out, which means it’s time for Promotion Sunday! Promotion Sunday is the day when kids and students move to the Kidustrial Park class or Student Ministry programming that aligns with the grade level they will enter in the fall.  

* We’ve made some changes to how and when children in nursery and preschool are promoted, so be sure to look over that information if it applies to you. * 


This is an exciting time, but we also know changes can create anxiety for some kids and students. Take a moment to talk with your kids about the new things they can expect beginning June 4. All our leaders are excited to welcome kids to new classes and are working to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Please find your child’s grade or age below to see specific details.
Please note that nursery and pre-kindergarten aged children will NOT necessarily change classrooms on June 4. 


Nursery (Babies and Toddlers under Two Years Old) - Babies and toddlers will be placed in rooms based on their ability, as follows: 
  • Nursery A: Infants 
  • Nursery B: Crawlers 
  • Nursery C: Walkers 

Pre-Kindergarten Pre-kindergarten children ages two and up will be promoted to their new room right after their birthdays. As of June 4, children will be placed in our pre-kindergarten rooms as follows: 
  • PreK Yellow: 2s 
  • PreK Blue: 3s 
  • PreK Green: 4s and 5s (Children entering kindergarten in the fall will be promoted to the kindergarten room on June 4.) 

Children will be promoted on June 4 based on the grade they will enter in the fall. Children entering sixth grade in the fall will move to our Middle School Ministry, which provides a worship experience for sixth through eighth grade students during both services on Sunday mornings. 

Middle & High School Students  
Follow @thecreekmsm and @thecreekhsm for Sunday morning programming updates.  

We are so excited to welcome kids to their new classrooms. We will have lots of people who will be there on Sunday to help point you in the right direction. Still have questions? Feel free to email