God Promises Redemption

Dan Hamel - Sep 08, 2019

What was your high point from this past week? What was the hardest part of this past week?

Read Exodus 5-6

How did this sermon/text deepen your faith? How did it challenge you? Explain.
What resonated with you the most from this sermon/text? Explain.
Which day from the daily work resonated with you most? Why? Which day challenged you most? Why?
Moses’ interaction with Pharaoh probably didn’t turn out the way he thought it would. Have you ever been convinced God would do something a certain way only to have it turn out differently? If so, describe how you responded and how it did or didn't affect your faith in God.
At the beginning of chapter 5, Pharaoh poses a striking question to Moses. He says, “Who is the LORD, that I should obey his voice and let Israel go?” (see 5:2). How would you answer that question today? How would you answer that question five, ten, or twenty years ago? Has your answer changed? Have your beliefs changed? If so, what prompted the change?
Towards the end of Exodus 5, Moses’ disposition seems to change from where it was in chapter 4. When things go from bad to worse for you, what is your typical response? Do you tend to blame? How do you address God in your anger?
 Which of the “I will” statements from God in Exodus 6:6-8 resonates with you most? Why?
 How does this passage, sermon, or daily work challenge you to live differently? How can your life group help equip you to do what God has called you to do?

At this time, the group may want to split into smaller, gendered groups.
Who are you in God’s eyes? Who are you in the eyes of this group?
What has your time in God’s Word and prayer been like this week?
What have you learned from Jesus this week?
Have you consistently reflected the love of Christ to those in your life this week?
Where have you wrestled with temptation this week?
What strongholds have you wrestled with this week?
Have you been 100% honest?

Prayer: Spend time as a group in prayer for anything that may have surfaced from the discussion/accountability time that you personally feel like needs to be brought before the Lord.