God Sees and Hears

Dan Hamel - Aug 18, 2019


Now that many people have entered a time with more of a rhythm to their schedules, spend this first portion of group time asking about each other’s summer.


Read Exodus 1:1-22 and Exodus 3:7-8. 

• How did this sermon/text deepen your faith? How did it challenge you? Explain.
• What resonated with you the most from this sermon/text? Explain.
• What did this passage teach you about God? What did it teach you about yourself? How does this passage impact how you view God, yourself, and others?
• Which day from the daily work resonated with you most? Why? Which day challenged you most? Why?
• What feelings do you have knowing that God sees and hears you in your pain and suffering? When was a time you experienced the faithfulness of God in the midst of a hard season?
• In this sermon, Dan talked about how some people’s biggest barrier to faith in God is pain and suffering. How have you experienced this in your faith journey? How did these times impact your view of God?
• When it comes to facing pain and suffering Dan mentioned several points to remember: (1) that we ought not to blame God for something done by a person; (2) that even when surrounded by darkness we should look for the provision of God; (3) that we should trust God’s, good plan; (4) that a Deliverer has come and will come again in Jesus. Which of these four truths is easiest for you to hold onto? Which is hardest? Explain your answers.
• How do you respond when you are with others who are facing times of pain and suffering?
• How does this passage, sermon, or daily work challenge you to live differently? 


• What do you sense God doing in you that you need to respond to?
• What do you sense God doing around you that you think he is inviting you into?
• What do you sense God doing through you that you need courage for? 

Accountability: At this time, the group may want to split into smaller, gendered groups.

• Who are you in God’s eyes? Who are you in the eyes of this group?
• What has your time in God’s Word and prayer been like this week?
• What have you learned from Jesus this week?
• Have you consistently reflected the love of Christ to those in your life this week?
• Where have you wrestled with temptation this week?
• What strongholds have you wrestled with this week?
• Have you been 100% honest?

Prayer: Spend time as a group in prayer for anything that may have surfaced from the discussion/accountability time that you personally feel like needs to be brought before the Lord.