Get Help

Get Help

Whether it's financial guidance, help with overcoming addiction or simply the need for a listening ear and encouraging word, the people of God can come together to help one another.

We believe that face-to-face and voice-to-voice interactions provide the most effective way to show compassion and ignite transformation. Here are the best ways to do that:

Support & Recovery Financial Assistance


Care Appointment

Meet with a Spiritual Direction team member face-to-face for prayer, encouragement and resource recommendations.


If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by the church office to schedule a care appointment.

Make A Care Appointment

The Porch

If you have a need during one of our weekend services, visit the Porch at the end of the service to receive prayer, encouragement, and resource recommendations.

Immediate Needs

At the Creek we define an immediate need as an emergency hospitalization or death in your family. If a need of this nature arises, call the main church line at 317-862-6430 and follow the prompts to reach a member of our team.

Deepen Groups

Deepen groups help you navigate obstacles as you connect with God, the church, and your purpose. Groups will begin August 19.

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Addiciton & Codependence

Are you missing a healthy connection with God, others, and your purpose because of alcohol, drug use, gambling, anger, people-pleasing, fear, resentment, shame, or perfection? This group is for you.

Anxiety & Depression

Our culture can be a breeding ground for anxiety and depression. This group is for men and women grappling with either anxiety or depression or both.


The end of your marriage can leave you stunned, devastated, and overwhelmed. You can find your way through this fog with the support of people who understand and want to help you heal from the deep hurt of divorce.

Financial Peace University

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed and powerless over your money. You can change the way you view your finances and your future. Embrace an attitude toward money that leads to contentment and freedom. Do it today! Starts September 23.

Freedom From Sexual Brokenness

Unwanted sexual behavior doesn't have to be a life sentence. In fact, embedded within that behavior are the very clues to guide you to the freedom you seek.


The death of a loved one can leave you totally upended, heartbroken, and feeling alone. Here you will find a friendly, caring group of people who will walk with you on your journey of grief. We have two groups: Monday evenings or Friday mornings.

Healing From Sexual Abuse

If you're a survivor of sexual abuse, you can address the heartache and grow in the hope that it does not have the final word.

Rebuilding Your Marriage

Family, career, finances, and daily distractions all cause wear and tear on a marriage, sometimes to the point that it may seem impossible to restore. What if you could design and rebuild your marriage from the ground up, starting with a fresh vision?