Rooted is an 11-week discipleship journey designed to launch you into a life group. You’ll join in conversations and interactive experiences with a group of 12-16 people that will help you connect to God, the church, and your purpose.

Here’s what some of your friends are saying:

I expected a deeper relationship with God, a better understanding of Scripture, a more powerful prayer life. I was so excited approaching this new chapter of our lives & the outcome did NOT disappoint! Our group is continuing on & we all feel God led us to our new friends.

I expected maybe a good lecture or study. However, what I received was more of a humbling experience, a deeper understanding of compassion needed for God’s children, even in the church.

I expected just another Bible study group. But this is way more than that.

I really wasn't sure what exactly to expect. I was a little hesitant when I heard we would form life groups with these people I didn't initially even know. I was amazed at how close I grew to them.

Fall 2024 Schedule

Beginning August 13

Choose one option that best fits your schedule

  • Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Sundays, 9-10:50am

Week 1 - August 13 - Kick-Off Night // August 18

Week 2 - August 20 // August  25

Week 3 - August 27 // September 1

Prayer Experience*

Week 4 - September 3 // September 8

Week 5 - September 10 // September 15

Week 6 - September 17 // September 22

Serve Experience*

Week 7 - September 24 // September 29

Week 8 - October 1 // October 6

Week 9 - October 8 // October 13

Break for Fall Break - October 15 // October 20

Week 10 - October 22 // October 27

Week 11 - October 29 - Partnership Class

Celebration Night - November 2

If these dates don’t work for your schedule, check back for our Spring 2025 session.

*Rooted is two parts: discussion and experience. During the eleven weeks, your group will participate in both discussion-based and these action-based sessions:

Prayer Experience

Throughout Scripture, we’re repeatedly reminded of the importance of intentional communication with God, individually and as a community. Your group’s prayer experience will help you foster a deeper relationship with God and learn ways to pursue the regular rhythm of prayer. Time and location will be scheduled by your group.

Serve Experience

As followers of Christ, we’re invited to participate in the mission of God. Through this serving opportunity, you’ll experience Christ’s servant heart, focus on building relationships in another community, and encounter the needs of others. Your group’s specific information will be provided by your group leader at a later date.

Story Experience

Our stories have the power to break down barriers of fear, miscommunication, isolation, and much more. How can you best overcome those barriers in order to share the story of your relationship with Christ? Throughout your Rooted experience and specifically during week 9, your group will spend time praying and preparing for opportunities to share your own individual faith stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rooted is an 11-week discipleship journey in groups of 12-16 people that helps you connect to God, the church, and your purpose. At the end of the 11 weeks, your group will have the option to continue as a life group.

We will have several meeting times available. You will stay with the same group and meet at the same time each week.

Over the past couple of years, we have heard from many people that would like to participate in Rooted but cannot during the week due to work commitments. We are offering Sunday groups to meet this need. Spots will be more limited for Sunday groups due to availability of rooms in the building. We ask that these spots are kept for people that would otherwise not participate due to their schedules. Even if Sunday is more convenient for you, please consider signing up for a Tuesday evening group to leave availability for people that cannot meet during the week.

Yes, the cost is $40/person. This fee will help offset the cost of your participant guide, printed materials for participants, and facilitators. Scholarships are available.

We want everyone to participate in Rooted and realize some can’t due to finances. If that’s you, you can apply for a scholarship. If you would like to give so that others can experience Rooted, you can give securely.

Rooted kids will be offered for groups that meet on Tuesday evenings and for Sunday morning groups, kids will be able to stay in Kidustrial Park during and in between services.

In order to create a more conducive environment for discussion, we ask that parents make other arrangements for all children ages birth-5th grade. Nursing mothers are welcome to care for their infant while participating in group discussions.

Overall, what we are asking for is commitment. Your commitment will be essential for you, your Rooted group (and, later on, your life group). Unless you’re ill, working or out of town, please be there! We understand people’s schedules are busy and you may miss a night or two. However, we also understand that whenever someone isn’t present, the group’s dynamics are impacted. If you know you’re going to miss more than two nights, this round of Rooted is most likely not for you (but we encourage you to consider attending the next session). We also understand some people have work schedules which will require them to miss more than two times (nurses, firefighters, etc.) for any Rooted session. It still may be possible to participate! Again, commitment is what we desire, not merely attendance percentages. If your work schedule somewhat fits the upcoming Rooted schedule (but will miss more than two) and you need help deciding if you should participate this session, email

No problem. We will offer full refunds up until Rooted begins. Since we base our materials and planning expenses on the total number of registrations, once Rooted starts refunds are no longer available. If you have registered and something has changed in your plans, email as soon as possible.

It is quite a bit different. Yes, there’s group discussion centered on the truth of the Gospel. But Rooted is about more than just studying together. It’s about doing life together, applying what you read each week, being vulnerable in discussions, serving, confessing, praying, and celebrating. Ten weeks is a short amount of time to spend with a group who start as strangers, but the level of intimacy that grows is hard to believe. And remember, this is a launchpad to connect you to an ongoing life group, which is probably the biggest difference. See a sample of the daily homework.

Of course! Indicate their name(s) and request to be in the same Rooted group on the registration form (there’s a spot just for that). Because the design is to continue this discipleship experience in an ongoing Life Group, it makes sense to honor discipleship relationships that have been formed prior to Rooted. We will do our best to honor the placement preferences but cannot guarantee every request.

The goal in Rooted is to set a group up to continue together as a life group. So, on the registration we ask for your group type preference and also if there are other people you intend to have in your group (e.g., an existing life group). We do our best to honor these requests. We also prioritize age ranges and geographic location when constructing groups. Throughout the process we humbly pray for the Lord to put the people together as He would see fit. We expect Him to move and earnestly trust Him in this process. It has been humbling and awesome to hear the frequent feedback from participants on how they can see the Lord’s hand on assembling their group together.

Your Rooted group is designed to be launched into an ongoing life group. We believe the best way to learn to become like Christ is in community with other believers. This is what a life group is all about. It's not required that you'll continue, but statistics show that almost all Rooted groups continue to become life groups.

The intention of Rooted is to berth the group into an ongoing life group. If you are both seeking a life group for discipleship purposes it will be best to go through Rooted together with the same group of people. We recognize that some family situations (e.g., child’s sleep schedule, work schedule) make it difficult for both husband and wife to participate in Rooted together. Even with the variety of scenarios and seasons some couples face we believe, in the long-run, both spouses will get to experience Rooted (even if it ends up being different Rooted sessions) and continue spiritual growth with others in a life group. If at all possible, we strongly encourage couples to experience Rooted together.

Yes. We plan to offer Rooted 2 times per year. Updates will be posted on this page.

Feel free to email with any questions you may have.