Serve Day - April 19

Instead of meeting together for worship, we are going into our communities to love our neighbors.

We hope everyone will choose to participate through practical projects, and through these acts of service, we hope people’s attention will be turned to the love of Jesus.

DIY Projects

Step 1

Choose a project.

As a group or family, discuss possible projects to complete. Need inspiration? Check out the Serve Day Guide to get the wheels turning.

Step 2

Plan your project.

Download the Serve Day app, then search for The Creek in the app to register your project and invite others.

Psst...make sure to search The Creek, not Indian Creek Christian Church. You'll get two different results.

Step 3


Show up to your serve project and be ready to make an impact.


While life groups are encouraged to serve together, you’re not required to be in a life group to participate in Serve Day. If you are not in a life group but are connected to a community of people then you can organize a DIY project and evite your friends to join you. There are many projects listed on for you to join. To connect to a life group in the future, check out and learn more about community at The Creek.

Yes! Just go to to see the list of available serving opportunities. Each opportunity will list the skills needed, age groups, supplies, etc. so you can pick the most appropriate opportunity for you.

Your group can sign up for one of our Anchor projects listed at

Get creative! Assess your neighborhood and its needs as a family, life group, or on your own. Perhaps someone you know needs help completing projects around their home. Or maybe you’ve connected with an organization in the past that could use some help on a project. Find more ideas at

That's great! We'd recommend that you choose one project to complete on April 19 and make a plan to complete the others on different days. We would love for each group to start doing these things for people they know throughout the year.

Yes! In order to ensure the quality of Serve Day projects, we’ve set a limit to the size of groups. By specifying the size of the group, we’ll make sure there’s both work for everyone to complete and a realistic number of people to get the job done.

Each life group or individual is responsible for the supplies and costs of their DIY project. For Anchor projects, we'll ask each person to bring tools, supplies, and some snacks for your family. The Creek will supply each group leader with additional supplies and bottled water.

Plan on bringing any personal items you may need, such as sunscreen, rain jacket, a hat, or snacks. You’ll also be asked to bring items pertaining to your project, such as rakes, gloves, lawnmowers, tarps, or tools. We’d also suggest wearing work clothes and comfortable shoes for physical labor jobs. Don’t forget to leave jewelry at home.

Some anchor project sites will have indoor project alternatives for inclement weather. Other sites will be moved to another indoor location to complete a different task. Whenever we can, we’ll try to keep your service project at the original location so you can still connect with a community partner. If you're designing a DIY project, try to create an inclement weather plan for your group.

DIY projects are more flexible than anchor projects. We encourage your group to complete your neighborhood project on the same weekend, but at a time that works for you and where you're serving.