Serve Projects

Rooted Serve Projects

Each of our Rooted groups will be serving with our partners. As followers of Christ, we’re invited to participate in the mission of God. Rooted participants will experience Christ’s servant heart, by focusing on building relationships in another community, and encounter the needs of others.

Required Forms:

Creek Child Safe Application Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School

Life Group Opportunities

Generous Matching Grants

These Grants provide resources and coaching to Rooted Lifegroups as you seek to serve people in your community in ongoing relational ways.

How would this work?

Discuss with your group how you would like to serve within your community and what funds you plan to contribute as a group. Examples include:

  • Hosting a neighborhood block party to build relationships with neighbors
  • Helping an elderly person/single parent with house repairs/meals
  • Create bags of needed items to provide to a partner organization you are building relationships with
Complete a Generous Matching Grant Application. The Generous Team will look over each request, help your group navigate your vision of serving and make decisions based on the current amount of generous funds. Serve as a group and share your experience with us!

Support from the GO Team

As you have discussions as a life group about how your group would like to engage in serving, a member of our team would be happy to attend a meeting to answer any questions you have about our partners.
Contact any staff member of the GO Team.

Move-In Kits

Moving from a shelter or living outside on the street, individuals often come into their new homes with only the clothes on their backs. There is a need for some basic housing items so they can be comfortable and successful in their new homes. Lifegroups can purchase a move-in kit to help.

Click here for a list is attached of the items that need to be purchased to complete the kit. Your group can purchase the attached items at a local store or purchase the items online via our Walmart Online Shopping List and have it shipped to you.

  • Collect all the items and bring your kit when you tour Horizon House. If you can’t make the tour you can drop the kit off Mon-Fri from 8a-3p.
  • Saturday, June 5th @ 9:30 am – a Horizon House staff member will be giving us a tour of the building and explaining all the services they offer.
  • Address: Horizon House 1033 E Washington St Indianapolis, IN 46202